About us

Le bureau

  • Agnès SinaïPrésidente: Agnès Sinaï
  • Anne RuminTrésorière: Anne Rumin
  • Mathilde SzubaSecrétaire: Mathilde Szuba
    Mathilde Szuba has a PhD in Environmental Sociology from the Centre d’Etudes des techniques, des Connaissances et des Pratiques (CETCOPRA, Université Paris I). Her research focuses on the political and social implications of peak oil and the “overshooting” of irreversible ecological thresholds, mostly through the study of Individual Carbon Quotas. She has co-written a chapter in Rob Hopkins’ French edition of his “Transition Manual” and is also a member of... Read more →
  • Benoît ThévardVice-président: Benoît Thévard

Le conseil d'administration

  • Alice CanabateAlice Canabate
  • Christophe LaurensChristophe Laurens
    Christophe Laurens is a landscape architect. He has been developing a project management activity for the past ten years called Studiolaurens. As a researcher for the “Architecture and Anthropology Laboratory” at the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris la Vilette”, he currently teaches Applied Arts at Vitry sur Seine and has a... Read more →
  • Flore d'Ambrosio-BoudetFlore d'Ambrosio-Boudet
  • Luc SemalLuc Semal
    Luc Semal has a PhD in political sciences from CERAPS (Lille 2 University). His work focuses on the political and social implications of the current ecological crisis, his thesis focuses on the transition movement and transition towns. He is also a member of the editorial board for the degrowth review, Entropia. He... Read more →
  • Philippe BihouixPhilippe Bihouix
    Philippe Bihouix is an engineer. From a general engineering background, he has worked as a construction engineer in the building industry and as an engineering analyst in various industrial sectors (energy, chemicals, transport, telecommunications, aeronautical and so on) for almost ten years. He has also worked as a head of mission for... Read more →
  • Yves CochetYves Cochet
    Yves Cochet was minister for territorial planning and for the environment under PM, Lionel Jospin. As a green activist for the past forty years, he has been a European MP for the European Green Party until june 2014 after spending almost twenty years as a parliamentary at the French national assembly. With... Read more →

Les contributeurs

  • Alain GrasAlain Gras
    Currently Professor Emeritus at the university of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, Alain Gras has founded the “Study center for techniques, knowledge and practices” (Centre... Read more →
  • Alice Le RoyAlice Le Roy
    Environmental activist, Alice Le Roy is a journalist and teacher. She currently teaches urban ecology at the IUT of Bobigny (Paris 13) after... Read more →
  • Christophe BonneuilChristophe Bonneuil
    Christophe Bonneuil is a historian at the CNRS (Centre A. Koyré). He has published a book called “Gènes, Pouvoirs et Profits” (Genes, Power... Read more →
  • Clara BreteauClara Breteau
    Clara Breteau studied literature, theatre and dramaturgy (from the stage director Sébastien Bournac and under the sponsorship of Jacques Nichet), philosophy (at Sorbonne... Read more →
  • Corinne CoughanowrCorinne Coughanowr
    Corinne Coughanowr is an engineer and doctor in chemical engineering. She left the United States during the 1990s to come and live in... Read more →
  • Dennis MeadowsDennis Meadows
    Dennis Meadows is a physician. He started his career at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the end of the 1960s. Professor Emeritus... Read more →
  • Francois RoddierFrancois Roddier
    François Roddier is an astrophysicist; he is renown for finding a solution to compensate the effects of atmospheric turbulences during star observation. After... Read more →
  • Françoise GollainFrançoise Gollain
  • Ghislain NicaiseGhislain Nicaise
    Ghislain Nicaise is a biologist, he undertook research until 2004 and today continues to be an environmental activist. In 1963, he started his... Read more →
  • Hugo CartonHugo Carton
    Hugo Carton is an engineer, a graduate of the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris and a research fellow at the Momentum Institute. He... Read more →
  • Jacques GrinevaldJacques Grinevald
    Epistemologist and historian of scientific and technological development, Jacques Grinevald is a member of the “Geological Society of London” and of the “Anthropocene... Read more →
  • Jean-Claude Besson-GirardJean-Claude Besson-Girard
    Painter and writer, Jean-Claude Besson-Girard is director of the theoretical and political degrowth review, Entropia. He has theorized and practiced degrowth throughout the... Read more →
  • Kim PascheKim Pasche
    Kim Pasche is a specialist in primitive human techniques. He animates several internships and workshops on techniques and lifestyles used by early human... Read more →
  • Loïs MalletLoïs Mallet
  • Marc ZischkaMarc Zischka
    Marc Zischka is an entrepreneur. He created is own company in 1996 to introduce juggling as a pedagogical tool in France. He progressively... Read more →
  • Michel LepesantMichel Lepesant
    Michel Lepesant lives in the Drôme region (France) where he earns minimal revenue as a philosophy teacher. He was at the origin ofmany... Read more →
  • Pablo ServignePablo Servigne
    Pablo Servigne is an independent and interdisciplinary researcher. With an academic background (Agronomist from the “Faculté de Gembloux in Belgium and with a... Read more →
  • Paul JorionPaul Jorion
  • Raphael StevensRaphael Stevens
    Raphael Stevens is an independent researcher specialized in prospective studies, the science of complexity and qualitative modeling. He is the co-founder of “Greenloop”,... Read more →
  • Thierry CaminelThierry Caminel
    Thierry Caminel is an engineer; he is a technological and numerical consultant and is interested in peak oil and the relationship between energy,... Read more →
  • Vincent PierréVincent Pierré
    Vincent Pierré is a mechanical and thermal engineer having started his career in the automobile industry. Appalled by the exploitative relationship over men... Read more →