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  • Alice CanabateAlice Canabate
  • Christophe LaurensChristophe Laurens
    Christophe Laurens is a landscape architect. He has been developing a project management activity for the past ten years called Studiolaurens. As a researcher for the “Architecture and Anthropology Laboratory” at the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris la Vilette”, he currently teaches Applied Arts at Vitry sur Seine and has a... Read more →
  • Flore d'Ambrosio-BoudetFlore d'Ambrosio-Boudet
  • Luc SemalLuc Semal
    Luc Semal has a PhD in political sciences from CERAPS (Lille 2 University). His work focuses on the political and social implications of the current ecological crisis, his thesis focuses on the transition movement and transition towns. He is also a member of the editorial board for the degrowth review, Entropia. He... Read more →
  • Mathilde SzubaMathilde Szuba
    Mathilde Szuba has a PhD in Environmental Sociology from the Centre d’Etudes des techniques, des Connaissances et des Pratiques (CETCOPRA, Université Paris I). Her research focuses on the political and social implications of peak oil and the “overshooting” of irreversible ecological thresholds, mostly through the study of Individual Carbon Quotas. She has... Read more →
  • Philippe BihouixPhilippe Bihouix
    Philippe Bihouix is an engineer. From a general engineering background, he has worked as a construction engineer in the building industry and as an engineering analyst in various industrial sectors (energy, chemicals, transport, telecommunications, aeronautical and so on) for almost ten years. He has also worked as a head of mission for... Read more →
  • Yves CochetYves Cochet
    Yves Cochet was minister for territorial planning and for the environment under PM, Lionel Jospin. As a green activist for the past forty years, he has been a European MP for the European Green Party until june 2014 after spending almost twenty years as a parliamentary at the French national assembly. With... Read more →

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