Dennis Meadows Forty years after “The Limits to Growth”

To mark the 40th anniversary of the Club of Rome’s report , Dennis Meadows discussed the challenges of forging ahead into a sustainable future at “Perspectives on Limits to Growth: Challenges to Building a Sustainable Planet”, a conference hosted by the Smithsonian Institution and the Club of Rome, the global think tank that sponsored the original report.

His intervention, entitled “It’s too late for sustainable development”, had three main objectives:

– Recall the original objectives of the 1972 report.

– Make an overview of the evolution over the past 40 years of the reflection on the interactions between the limits of our environment and physical growth.

– Explain why humanity should focus on the concept of resilience rather than on the concept of sustainability.

The sharp decline of fossil fuel reserves is imminent. We must therefore seek to develop policies that will enable us to preserve our values despite the crisis ahead.

To watch the conference.

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