Post-Fukushima Food Resilience

Only 39% of calories consumed by the Japanese come from local production, the remaining 61% are imported, often from far away.Japan has one of the world’s lowest levels of food self-sufficiency.

The shift to a non-traditional Western style diet was already underway before the disaster of Fukushima. The high radioactivity spread in this agricultural area further weakens the Japanese food system.
With the advent of “peak oil”, recovering the country’s food self-sufficiency has become a Japanese government’s priority.The road ahead will be long and difficult but recent history has shown that Japanese society is able to adapt quickly and effectively to dramatic challenges.
How the Fukushima disaster has changed the Japanese understanding of the complex links between energy crises and food security ?
What are the different anticipated options to food self-sufficiency recovery ?
Will Japan, the birthplace of Masanobu Fukuoka’s Permaculture, become a forerunner of the food systems adaptation to peak-oil ?

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