Jacques Grinevald seasons’ greetings

2022 January 2022

With his personal seasons’ greetings, Jacques Grinevald wish us a better, happy and healthy, New Year 2022 (A.D./C.E.). My seasons’ greetings are not just in line with the tradition (in the Gregorian calendar of the Christian Era renamed Common Era), it is also, and more sincerely, a good opportunity in our hazardous hard times of […]

Collapse Is Not a Bug, It Is a Feature

Seminar by Ugo Bardi, October 12, 2017 December 2017

“It would be some consolation for the feebleness of our selves and our works if all thing should perish as slowly as they come into being; but as it is increases are of sluggish growth, but the way to ruin is rapid.” Lucius Anneaus Seneca (4 BCE-65 CE), Letters to Lucilius, n.91, 6 (translated by […]

Animal Rights : from Ethics to Politics

Seminar by Corine Pelluchon, June 16, 2017 June 2017

Animalism is a philosophical, cultural as well as social movement made up of groups and individuals who share the belief that animals should be taken seriously. This presentation’s objective is to show that this movement has depth. Animalism is not only about adopting a certain lifestyle but is also a global project that aims for […]

Understanding the Bioregion as the Political Form of the ‘Milieu’

Seminar by Isabella Tomassi, May 19, 2017 May 2017

The Italian territorialist school’s aim is to rehabilitate the ‘territory’. According to this school of thought the latter should be conceived of and dealt with as a ‘work of art’, that is to say, not as an inanimate, man-made object but as the product of exchanges – over the long run – between living things, […]

The Economy : a Process of Self-organized Criticality

Seminar by François Roddier, April 21st, 2017 April 2017

Similarly to all living beings, human societies are dissipative structures. By deriving circles around a critical point the dissipative structure creates mechanical work. It alternates between abrupt phase transition and continuous phase transition. The state of the economy, like the metabolism of all living beings, may be described using Gibbs’s thermodynamic potential. Demand is associated […]

Change of Era

April 2014

Our point of departure lies in a realisation : that we are living today at the end of a period marked by the greatest material wealth human history has ever known. This wealth was built on temporary sources of cheap, concentrated energy that made everything else possible.