Energy is a common good that belongs to human communities: the 21st century’s energetic descent will make them responsible actors and no longer simple users of invisible energy flows and switches.

Reduced Net Energy, the Final Frontier of the Anthropocene

Seminar of the 13th of December 2013 by Benoît Thévard December 2013

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Personal Carbon Allowances, Rationing and Responsibility

Seminar of the 15th of June 2012 by Mathilde Szuba June 2012

“In 1871 Paris was under siege, in a final effort to resist the enemy what did the people ask for? Rationing!” Pierre Kropotkine, 1887. Degrowth thinkers tend to recognize a central thesis in which the finite quantity of natural resources automatically creates a limit to growth. This idea of material finitude can also be found in […]

Should we try to find a replacement for oil?

March 2012

Once you have understood the phenomenon of peak oil, the problem can be tackled from many angles. You can become depressed from the feeling of powerlessness, because like everyone else, you are dependent on this cheap and abundant form of energy. Furthermore, it seems impossible to avoid this general quagmire facing us. You therefore, put this […]