Going against the standardization of disciplines that currently dominates agronomy, there is a need to mobilize more global and holistic visions of food systems. Momentum is interested in approaches that inscribe themselves within agro-ecological approaches where diversity is valued at every level, from the field to the landscape.

Animal Rights : from Ethics to Politics

Seminar by Corine Pelluchon, June 16, 2017 June 2017

Animalism is a philosophical, cultural as well as social movement made up of groups and individuals who share the belief that animals should be taken seriously. This presentation’s objective is to show that this movement has depth. Animalism is not only about adopting a certain lifestyle but is also a global project that aims for […]

The Île-de France : a Resilient Bioregion by 2050?

Seminar by Agnès Sinaï, Benoît Thévard, Mireille Ferri and Pierre Serne, March 24th, 2017 March 2017

Fossile fuels – which is the energy source characteristic of the Industrial Revolution – have significantly altered landscapes. The sociologist Zygmunt Bauman speaks of the “liquefaction” of territories, in which cities and countryside intermingle in undifferentiated areas. Material flows have taken over spaces that are administered by a “free-floating” sovereignty, faced with an unsure global […]

The Road Towards an Oil Free Agriculture

Seminar of the 12th of April 2013 by Pablo Servigne April 2013

We have passed the global peak of conventional fossil fuel production. Numerous other non-renewable resources will follow a similar decline. Hence, it seems very possible that within a few years, we will witness the collapse of industrial food systems. How should we organise a transition towards more resilient food systems that are completely disconnected from […]