Energetic descent will bring industrial societies to simplify themselves. A new form of social organization will emerge that will require more labor, repopulate the countryside, re-localize the majority of production and call for a widespread re-learning, based on local crafts and low tech rather than high tech. Momentum suggests some paths of reflection on these issues.

Of the Acceleration of Algorithms

Seminar by Thierry Caminel, June 3rd, 2016 June 2016

Autonomous cars without human drivers, “Go” (a strategy board game), robots taking over jobs previously held by workers: these innovations are all evidence of the acceleration of technological change, which progresses at a much faster rate than genetic evolution. The speed at which algorithms can make comparisons has increased for the benefit of Uber, Google […]

Medicine and Degrowth: Adversaries or Allies?

Seminar by Pietro Majno, May 20, 2016 May 2016

Pietro Majno heads the hepatobiliary centers of Geneva’s teaching hospitals. He is specialized in liver transplants and a member of the Rassemblement des objecteurs de croissance (a group made up of growth objectors). He agreed to give this seminar on the apparent contradictions existing between his job as a doctor, which is very much dependent […]

Can the Industry Get Out of Planned Obsolescence

Seminar of the 15th of February 2013 by Corinne Coughanowr February 2013

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Low tech jobs

The Great Requalification October 2011

With the oil era entering its second phase and industrial society beginning down the unstable road of a catabolic collapse, we must prepare ourselves to see another labour revolution unfold. The changes that are coming are likely to be every bit as traumatising as those that brought forth the industrial revolution. It remains to be […]