Our societies have developed a system of food production that consumes around 10 calories of energy for every single calorie found on someone’s plate. Beyond organic and peasant farming, permaculture offers a third option: what makes it unique is its ability to stimulate ecosystems. The founding idea of permaculture is to create edible ecosystems.

The Île-de France : a Resilient Bioregion by 2050?

Seminar by Agnès Sinaï, Benoît Thévard, Mireille Ferri and Pierre Serne, March 24th, 2017 March 2017

Fossile fuels – which is the energy source characteristic of the Industrial Revolution – have significantly altered landscapes. The sociologist Zygmunt Bauman speaks of the “liquefaction” of territories, in which cities and countryside intermingle in undifferentiated areas. Material flows have taken over spaces that are administered by a “free-floating” sovereignty, faced with an unsure global […]

The Permacultural Revolution

Seminar of the 14th of December 2012 December 2012

Permaculture is not simply a different way of gardening, but a true vision of post-industrial society in which we have to relearn how to live with less energy and in a more local and down to earth manner. It gives a certain pace to finitude and a plan for a convivial energetic descent, as well […]