Confronted by current developments, the human psyche had to create some defenses: these can take the form of denial, or specular interaction or even psychosocial drifts as we become used to catastrophe and legitimize it by cognitive dissonance. Momentum is looking for researchers that could contribute to the important issue of the psychology of change in societies facing the end of oil.

Heirs and Heiresses to Ecofeminism

Seminar by Emilie Hache, February 24th, 2017 February 2017

The late 70s and early 80s are characterized by the development of anti-nuclear and peace movements in the United States. As a reaction to the Three Mile Island nuclear accident in March of 1979 and to the re-launching of military programs under Reagan’s administration some women’s movements organized actions such as the spectacular Women’s Pentagon Action […]

Can a Technofix Save the Planet?

By Clive Hamilton April 2014

We have reached the end of the epoch of climate stability that allowed human civilisation to flourish, and the end of the era of ‘progress’. Like an angry beast woken from a long slumber, climate instability is dangerous and resists efforts to control it. What if there were a magic bullet to fix our ailing […]

Social Cohesion in Times of Prolonged Recession. Spain, Greece, Portugal.

Seminar of the 14th of February 2014 by Alice Canabate February 2014

The 2008 global economic and social crisis continues to be debated, reinterpreted and explained. For some, it can be seen as cyclical, structural or civilizational. For others, the disastrous effects of this global crisis are still amplified and not a single analyst seems to be able to propose solutions. The most vulnerable populations are at […]

The Politics of Catastrophe

Seminar of the 15th of March 2013 by Luc Semal March 2013

During the 2000’s decade, two social movements, the degrowth movement in France and Transition Towns in the United- Kingdom, have contributed, both in parallel, to a renewal of the green political landscape. The catastrophist dimension of these two movements, understood as a form of political thought based on the anticipation of major ecological shifts (peak […]

Can the Industry Get Out of Planned Obsolescence

Seminar of the 15th of February 2013 by Corinne Coughanowr February 2013

Translation will soon be available

Uncrash Program

Seminar of the 23th of November 2012 by Marc Zischka November 2012

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Phase Transition: Three World Models

Seminar of the 28th of September 2012 by Yves Cochet September 2012

“We cannot win against entropy, but we must act as if we could”, Marc-Aurèle, (Pensées pour moi-même, p.170) and Ugo Bardi (conference, 4th of Mai 2011). It is vain to claim that we can describe the future as precisely as we can the past. Nevertheless, one of the key concerns of economic and political actors […]