Agnès Sinaï

Agnès Sinaï


The Permacultural Revolution

Permaculture is not simply a different way of gardening, but a true vision of post-industrial society in which we have to relearn how to live with less energy and in a more local and down to earth manner. It gives a certain pace to finitude and a plan for a convivial energetic descent, as well […]


For the last four and a half billion years, life on Earth has evolved according to rhythms whose slowness is only matched by the speed of today’s industrial processes. In the immensity of time, eons, eras, periods overlap in immense temporal ellipses, punctuated by cosmic accidents, alternations of global warming and ice ages. For stratigraphors*, […]

Fukushima or the end of the Anthropocene

The tsunami that hit north-east Japan and the consecutive explosions in the Fukushima nuclear power plant constitute an implacable whole – an interconnectedness of human, geological and psychical catastrophes. The interlocking of natural elements with industrial objects has made our planet an open-air laboratory. There is no longer anywhere on earth that escapes this experimentation. […]

Low tech jobs

With the oil era entering its second phase and industrial society beginning down the unstable road of a catabolic collapse, we must prepare ourselves to see another labour revolution unfold. The changes that are coming are likely to be every bit as traumatising as those that brought forth the industrial revolution. It remains to be […]