Benoît Thévard

Benoît Thévard

Benoît Thévard is an engineer from the “Ecole des Mines en Génie Energétique”. After working several years for the aeronautical industry, he decided to change career after realizing that it wasn’t a sector with a future. After obtaining his diploma, he went to Québec and spent some time in an eco-village that has been preparing itself for a post-oil world for the past twenty years. Since his return to France he updates his website,, undertakes research on local resilience and travels around France giving conferences to inform citizens, officials and companies of the urgent necessity for societal transition. He is also a member of the Next World association and of the ecological construction center in the “Région Centre” in France (Zéco SCIC).


Reduced Net Energy, the Final Frontier of the Anthropocene

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Should we try to find a replacement for oil?

Once you have understood the phenomenon of peak oil, the problem can be tackled from many angles. You can become depressed from the feeling of powerlessness, because like everyone else, you are dependent on this cheap and abundant form of energy. Furthermore, it seems impossible to avoid this general quagmire facing us. You therefore, put this […]

Aspects of Resilience in After-Oil Societies

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