Francois Roddier

Francois Roddier

François Roddier is an astrophysicist; he is renown for finding a solution to compensate the effects of atmospheric turbulences during star observation. After creating the astrophysics department at Nice University, he left for the United States, to work for the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (Tuscon Arizona) and in the Institute for Astrophysics of Hawaii University. At this point, he participated in the development of adaptive optical systems that now equip major observation units such as the France-Canada- Hawaii observatory (Pue’o), the European Southern Observatory or the Japanese telescope: Subaru. As an ever-curious scholar, he carries a great interest in the thermodynamic aspects of evolution.


The Economy : a Process of Self-organized Criticality

Similarly to all living beings, human societies are dissipative structures. By deriving circles around a critical point the dissipative structure creates mechanical work. It alternates between abrupt phase transition and continuous phase transition. The state of the economy, like the metabolism of all living beings, may be described using Gibbs’s thermodynamic potential. Demand is associated […]

The Red Queen Syndrome

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