Jacques Grinevald

Jacques Grinevald

Epistemologist and historian of scientific and technological development, Jacques Grinevald is a member of the “Geological Society of London” and of the “Anthropocene Working Group”. As a trans-disciplinary researcher, he develops his thought around three main figures: the military engineer, Sadi Carnot (1796-1832) pioneer of thermodynamics, the Russian scholar Vladimir Vernadsky (1863-1945), the creator of biochemistry and of the modern concept of “Biosphere” and finally the Romanian-American mathematician and economist Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen (1906-1994) of which he edited, with professor Ivo Rens, his thesis on bioeconomics under the title: “Degrowth: Entropy, Ecology and Economy” (Décroissance : Entropie, Ecologie et Economie, 1ère edition en 1979). He assembled a monumental chrono-bibliography entitled “Thinking and rethinking the Industrial Revolution” (Penser et Repenser la Révolution Industrielle) in which he returns over the entire historiography of the Industrial Revolution using the concept of “thermo-industrial revolution” from the time of Sadi Carnot and Joseph Fourier (1824). He has also published “La Biosphère de l’Anthropocène : Pétrole et Climat, la Double Menace, Repères Transdisciplinaires 1824-2007”. An entirely reviewed, updated and upgraded version has been released in 2013.


Jacques Grinevald seasons’ greetings

With his personal seasons’ greetings, Jacques Grinevald wish us a better, happy and healthy, New Year 2022 (A.D./C.E.). My seasons’ greetings are not just in line with the tradition (in the Gregorian calendar of the Christian Era renamed Common Era), it is also, and more sincerely, a good opportunity in our hazardous hard times of […]

The Anthropocene: Historical and Scientific Context

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