Philippe Bihouix

Bihouix Philippe

Philippe Bihouix is an engineer. From a general engineering background, he has worked as a construction engineer in the building industry and as an engineering analyst in various industrial sectors (energy, chemicals, transport, telecommunications, aeronautical and so on) for almost ten years. He has also worked as a head of mission for a humanitarian NGO in the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as in Angola. He currently works in the rail freight industry. He is the co-author of the book “ Quel future pour les métaux ?” (What future for metals? – EDP Sciences), that covers a diverse set of topics related to the finite nature of mineral resources and its close interrelationship with energy issues. This book also sets the technical and societal limits to recycling and the notion of circular economy but also denounces the irrelevance of green growth and the technological surge of the economy.


In the gut of the world espresso machine

Only the most obtuse of enviro-sceptics still deny the risk of environmental collapse that haunts our societies. From the current climate change to the sixth mass extinction, via the extinction of fossil fuels and metals, widespread pollution and the destruction of arable land (by erosion and artificialization), all lights are now flashing red. Positive retroaction […]