Phase Transition: Three World Models

Seminar of the 28th of September 2012 by Yves Cochet

“We cannot win against entropy, but we must act as if we could”, Marc-Aurèle, (Pensées pour moi-même, p.170) and Ugo Bardi (conference, 4th of Mai 2011).

It is vain to claim that we can describe the future as precisely as we can the past. Nevertheless, one of the key concerns of economic and political actors alike is to project their convictions into the future, in order for them to materialize by some self-fulfilling prophecy.
Today, despite a much deeper climate of incertitude than the past, a first model of the world’s future is trying to impose itself over the people, as heard in the recurring speeches of world leaders. We shall call this model, the “productivist” model.

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