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Jacques Grinevald seasons’ greetings

With his personal seasons’ greetings, Jacques Grinevald wish us a better, happy and healthy, New Year 2022 (A.D./C.E.).

My seasons’ greetings are not just in line with the tradition (in the Gregorian calendar of the Christian Era renamed Common Era), it is also, and more sincerely, a good opportunity in our hazardous hard times of global pandemic and many other disasters, to think, or rethink, to “the existential challenges of the Anthropocene” (Thomas, Williams, Zalasiewicz, 2020, chap. 8).

I would like to take advantage of this winter break (in the northern hemisphere) of the end of year holidays to express my deep gratitude to colleagues and good friends, particularly within the Anthropocene Working Group (AWG), thanks to whom we continue to learn a lot and ask essential and difficult questions that are, at least in my mind, not completely solved. Continue reading »

Can a Technofix Save the Planet?

We have reached the end of the epoch of climate stability that allowed human civilisation to flourish, and the end of the era of ‘progress’. Like an angry beast woken from a long slumber, climate instability is dangerous and resists efforts to control it. What if there were a magic bullet to fix our ailing planet? What if it meant seizing control of Earth’s climate? In his characteristically lucid and passionate style, Clive Hamilton spells out the implications for all of us.

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