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The Road Towards an Oil Free Agriculture

We have passed the global peak of conventional fossil fuel production. Numerous other non-renewable resources will follow a similar decline. Hence, it seems very possible that within a few years, we will witness the collapse of industrial food systems. How should we organise a transition towards more resilient food systems that are completely disconnected from these limited resources, within a short time frame and on a large scale? Who knows how to feed himself without oil? What would a post-industrial food system look like? Continue reading »

The Politics of Catastrophe

During the 2000’s decade, two social movements, the degrowth movement in France and Transition Towns in the United- Kingdom, have contributed, both in parallel, to a renewal of the green political landscape. The catastrophist dimension of these two movements, understood as a form of political thought based on the anticipation of major ecological shifts (peak oil, climate change, ecosystems collapse, etc.) that would put an end to the modern version of the democratic project, gives rise to experimental deliberative practices that put into question the hypothesis of continuity that generally pervades theories of democracy. Continue reading »